The Fire Protection Association of Malaysia Bhd (FPAM) was incorporated on 11th October 1976. The Association is an independent body and a non-profit making organisation and its members comprised of licensed insurance companies in Malaysia. Currently, the FPAM has a membership of 27.

The Association is managed by a Council of Management who are elected at each Annual General Meeting of the Association. Members who served on the Management Council are full-time staff of insurance companies.


The main objectives of the FPAM are :-

  • to advance the science of and to improve the methods for the protection of persons and property on land, sea or air primarily against the risk of fire.
  • to disseminate advice for the protection against, and the prevention of fire and related risks, and to publish information relating to the same subjects.
  • to formulate problems of protection and prevention against fire and other risks, as subjects of research and to co-operate in research and to investigate the causes and spread of fire.
  • to undertake propagation to the public of such knowledge as may be considered desirable in connection with the objects of the Association.
  • to exchange information and co-operate with other related Bodies/Associations and to institute or receive enquiries in connection with the objects of the Association.



The activities of the Association includes :-

  • Compilation of articles on subjects related to survey and assessment of risks, loss prevention and fire protection and distribution of such materials to members on a regular basis.
  • Organising talks, seminars and study tours on diverse subjects related to loss prevention and fire protection.
  • Maintenance of a library of books and reference materials related to fire protection for its members.
  • Organising technical courses on various fire protection subjects such as Automatic Sprinkler Systems.
  • Organising of Training Courses in Firemanship at a formal Fire Services Department Training Centre.