iSCADA – Real Time Monitoring: A New Concept for Burglary and Fire Risk Management

iSCADA is an internet-based Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This system enables an insurer to:

  • Monitor the status of any equipment installed at insured premises nation wide in real-time.
  • Send out automatic reminders / warnings to clients when their equipment are faulty.
  • Reduce fraudulent claims by using the automatic event logging records at the iSCADA server.

The benefits of the iSCADA system to the insurer includes:

  • Reduced risk by ensuring that all safety and security equipment at insured premises are in proper working condition at all times.
  • Reduces fraudulent claims with automatic event logging at iSCADA server.
  • Improves customer relations with timely communications when safety or security issues are at risk.
  • Objectively measure and profile you customers’safety consciousness. is an integrated suite of command & control tools providing a comprehensive set of software solutions for various industries. These tools provides real-time interactivity between man and machines over the internet using the iSCADA technology, enabling monitoring and control of appliances from the client’s desktop.

Any existing appliances such as fire control panels or burglar alarm system, can be easily internet-enabled by retrofitting a DeviceWorld Gateway, which gathers information from the appliances and transmits them to the DeviceWorld server. The DeviceWorld Gateway is an internet gateway that has a built-in modem that logs onto the internet via telephone line or GSM network.

The system architecture of iSCADA is as follows:

iSCADA System Architecture

Half Day FPAM Tea Talk On: iSCADA – Real Time Monitoring:
A New Concept for Burglary and Fire Risk Management
1st November 2001
by Mr. C. K. Diong, Technical Director of Devices World Sdn. Bhd.